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Some people are passionate about food, others sports perhaps, but for us at CIW, we’re all about Insurance.

We’re passionate about the insurance industry, the costs, the benefits, pricing risks, Lloyds and everything else.

We decided to create this site, to help people looking for advice on insurance. We are aiming to have a primary focus on car insurance, however we will endeavour to cover other topics too.

The world of insurance is extremely complex and that’s for the people working inside it, let alone the lay-men and women who have their own work and lives to worry about.

With the rise of car insurance comparison sites, we’ve seen prices lowering (and increasing) along with promises of substantial savings by switching suppliers.

These comparison systems have also helped because they enable bargain hunters to try various combinations of interpretations when looking for insurance. What I mean by this is – did you know that if you enter chef as your occuptation, and then get a quote as kitch worker, there will be a signficant difference in the price you are quoted for your insurance policy.

There are an unlimited number of variations, all of which stay well within the law of telling the truth, just worded differently.

On that note, it is extremely important that you always enter correct information when getting a quote as incorrect info can invalidate your insurance – something that no one would ever want to happen.

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Best Ways To Save On Car Insurance

Having been in the game for a long time, we have a number of tips for people hoping to find the best deal on their car insurance.

  1. Consider a tracking box: These little black boxes are fitted to your car and monitor your driving. Although they may feel slightly instrusive, they can significantly reduce your insurance premiums – that is of course on the basis that you are driving safely!
  2. Minimise modifications: Keeping car modifications to a minimum (or ideally none at all) will help significantly will searching for lower insurance quotes. Additional modifications are considered dangerous.
  3. Alarms and immobilisers: If you are in the process of buying a car, keep in mind that a car fitted with an immobiliser and/or alarm adds additional security for insurers covering your car. If it’s less likely to get stolen, insurers and less likely to pay out for claims and therefore the price goes down
  4. Safe driving: This may seem obvious, but keeping under the speed limit and therefore avoiding points and fines helps each year when it comes to renew or purchase a new policy. If the insurer sees you are tearing around the country, it’s clear they are going to be less keen to insurance you
  5. Policy type: Get a quote trying all three types of insurance namely; third party only, third party, fire and theft, and fully comp. It may seem counter-intuative but it is often the case that fully comp works out at a cheaper quote
  6. Young Drivers: There are number of comparison sites that specialise in car insurance for young drivers they can help keep the most expensive groups of insurers (yes young people) from being too out of pocket when it comes to buying insurance.

That’s about it for our first bit of advice on buying car insurance. Happy hunting