Advice For 4×4 Insurance

So you are thinking about getting a 4×4? Yes they are exciting, yes they are fun, yes they can fly across all terrains, but you obviously know all of that and now you’re wanting to look into the cost of insurance.

Well, there’s no need to fret. It need not be expensive, but if you want to get a good deal then it’s advisable to spend a bit of time getting quotes from multiple providers. The chances of getting one quote and hitting the nail on the head the first time is pretty remote.

If you want to find a good deal on your insurance you should consider the following things:

  1. Have you got a good no claims bonus saved up? No claims bonuses are extremely helpful when it comes to keeping quotes to a minimum. If you ever have the option to protect your no-claims bonus you should definitely go for it, particularly if you are planning on buying a big’ol 4×4.
  2. Points don’t always make prizes! In the case of insurance policies, it’s clearly better to have no points on your license. A driver with a host of speeding fines and tickets is not going to be popular with any insurance company. Although it may be too late for some of your reading this, we’d recommend bearing your insurance policy in mind next time you are bombing down the motorway as you are late for tea at your parents.
  3. Take advantage of the internet: Comparison sites are there to be used and they do help. It’s time consuming to compare quotes manually, ie phoning up each insurer and providing your details over the phone. Instead check out a 4×4 insurance comparison specialist, here’s one as a starting point.
  4. New or second hand: Before you purchase your 4×4 your may like to get a few sample quotes from insurance comparison companies. Test out quotes from a few old the models you have in mind, new ones, second-hand ones, less miles, more miles, etc. etc.  You should be able to work out a correlation and a rough price according to which model you go with.
  5. Where do you live: Unfortunately this can be a rather permanent problem but insurance quotes do vary greatly depending on where you live. Personally I have seen quotes triple in cost as a result of changing an address from the countryside to an address in London.
  6. Which policy type? Most people would automatically think that a third party insurance policy is cheaper as on the face of it, the insurer is taking less risk by only covering the third party. However, it has been seen that getting a fully comp lolicy can often be cheaper than opting for just third party, or third party, fire and theft.


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