Cheap Young Driver Insurance For Under £1000

Let’s face it, it;s not easy being a young person, you;ve got all those exams to take, career decisions to make, then job hunting a working your way up the ladder. Everything costs loads. So who can blame a young driver for hoping for a break when it comes to their car insurance!! Hence why you’ve searched for insurance under a thousand pounds. No doubt, you’ve come across quotes already of much higher than that and you’re hoping it just can’t be the case that forking out over £100 a month is your only option. Well good new is that you may be in luck. Follow the tips below and you’ll stand a good chance of finding that elusive insurance deal for under £1000.

Step 1: What car are you buying? Obviously this only applies to people who haven’t already bought a car and have decided to base their car buying decision partly on their insurance research. This is a relatively simple step to get right. If you get a car in a low insurance category, it will inevitably be cheaper than if you get a car in a higher category. Check out insurance categories here and the cars in them to see what sort of cars you can expect to buy with cheap insurance in mind. This makes a big difference so if you really want insurance under £1000 as a young driver then you’ll want to purchase a car based on that list.

Step 2: Modifications: We’ve all been there, you get your license and you have a relatively small budget for buying a car, so what do you do? You obviously go out and look for a second hand car that’s been made as cool as possible with a few bizarre yet funky modifications. DONT! These modifications are seen as risky by insurance companies and therefore will add to the cost of your policy. Modifications are usually done by the previous owner who most likely will not have the necessary knowledge to make the modifications safely. Forget lowered suspension, forget that spoiler the size of airplane wing. Don’t be in a rush to have the coolest car out of your mates, if you like saving money, you’ll be cooler when you have bought your first house before you’re 30. If you get a modification, make sure it’s done by the professionals, like these guys.

Step 3: Compare Quotes: It must be common knowledge by now with all the adverts on TV, Radio, Social Media and the rest, but it’s so important to compare quotes, particularly as a young driver. If you jump on the phone, get one quote from your parent’s insurance company and go for it, what do you think the chances are that they are the cheapest company for your particular circumstances? Conservatively I’d say about 150 to 1. Instead, get on the comparison sites, plug in your details and see which company comes back the cheapest. There are also a number of sites like this one, that specialise in young driver insurance comparison. They work with specific brokers that know the new driver market and therefore can offer better quotes.

Step 4: Build up your no claims bonus: Okay, so maybe this year your insurance is going to be sky high, but take the hit and each year that goes by when you do not make a claim on your insurance tells the company that you are a safe bet, you’re less likely to make a claim and therefore you become cheaper to insure. If you do have a prang or liek in my case some moron hits your parked car and drives off, do not claim on your insurance if possible, protecting your no claims now (even if it means paying out more for fixing your car) will keep your insurance down in the future.

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