Who Is The Best Young Driver Insurance Company?

best young driver insurance company

A look at who is the best young driver insurance company

Insurance for young drivers can be rather expensive, which you will no doubt already know. But why is that? The answer’s simple, it’s all down to how insurance companies assess risk. Unfortunately young drivers are very likely to have a crash when they first start driving with as many as one in three claiming on their insurance in the first two years of driving. As a result, insurance companies need to charge more for policies to make sure they don’t lose money.

That’s okay for them, not for you as chances are you probably don’t want to spend £1000’s per year on boring things like insurance!

So we have done some work which are going to share below, looking at which young driver insurers are the best (cheapest).

Firstly, you need to know your options of where to go. There are two main options, brokers or comparison sites. Comparison sites are great in that they compare a lot of the market however you will most likely find that you are better off going to a dedicated broker that specialises in young drivers.

We have looked at a number of the specialist brokers out there and have found that Quote Goat offer the best rates along with the shortest quote form to make it quick to get quotes.

Quote Goat sits in between a comparison site and a young driver broker as a specialist comparison site for young and new drivers. Once you get a quote with them, your details will be pinged off to a select few specialist brokers who will contact you to give you a quote.

That’s all you need to do. You’ll find that the insurance quotes they offer are some of the most competitive in the market.

Other things to look if you are wondering how to make young driver insurance cheaper?

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get your insurance down even further:

  1. Chose the right car: If you haven’t bought a car yet then it’s worthwhile looking for cars that belong to a low insurance category. It’s really quite self explanatory in terms of which cars are in that category; think Citreon C1, Peugeot 106, etc. etc. Choosing one of these cars (there’s about a list of 10) will help you get the cheapest quote.
  2. Take the Pass Plus: Spend the time and money taking an additional driving qualification and you’ll help put the insurers minds at ease when giving you a quote
  3. Black box: Consider getting a quote with a black box. A black box is fitted to your car and monitors your driving including your speed, time of driving, abruptness of braking and more. All these indicators let an insurer know if you are driving well. We all know that good driving is rewarded so if you are comfortable with being monitored 24/7 then the black box could be for you.

We hope this advice has helped. Head on over to Quote Goat if you want a quote today.


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